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release date:

September 07, 2011


Album credits:
Luka Lamut - Vocals
Jani Nendl - Guitars
Rok Seifert - Bass
Uros Markic - Drums


  • Restraints
  • Too Much
  • Sulfur
  • Another Breath
  • Looking Back
  • Comatose
  • Over & Over
  • Innocence
  • My Story
  • Overhang
  • Forever
  • Today

Mixed by: Tine Janzek
Produced by: Tine Janzek & Dirtswitch

Phoenix Down is a blasting, down-tuned hard rock debut album by Dirtswitch. The 12 tracks feature everything from hi-octane mayhem on 'Too Much' or 'Sulfur', passing seamlessly to the Middle-East-inspired riffage of 'Comatose' and finally ending with the enchanting passing chords of 'Today'. Influenced by major grunge and post-grunge bands of the past two decades, such as Alter Bridge, Soundgarden, King's X or Shinedown, and fueled by heavy guitars, Phoenix Down gives back to contemporary modern rock the raw edge that had almost been forsaken by today's mainstream rock artists.