The voting for ILA2011 has begun!

The competition is underway!

We are one of the 10 lucky finalists of the International Live Award 2011. Every year, hunderds of bands from more than 5 European countries display their stage-tearing prowess on some of Europe’s best concert locations. The finals of the ILA2011 will be held on 01.05.2011 at Wiener Prater, Austria.

With less than one month until D-day, the voting for the running-order of the ILA2011 finalists has begun. And we need your help. The festival running-order is determined by the voters – that’s you. The band with the most votes gets the best slot – right before the headliners of the Prater Maifest!

And we want that slot.

So head over to and help us show that rock’n’roll can be heavier and louder. Every vote counts, so remember to tell your friends, family, office, newsgroup, store clerk, insurance agent about this and keep music aLIVE!