The progress of DSWII

Dear friends,

it’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates regarding the recording process of DSWII. This is mainly because the recording has taken a slower turn since last summer. We hit the studio in June and wanted to record the whole album in one long session only to find out that we haven’t done enought to bring out the best from the tracks. So we left the studio bloodied and battered with a kick-ass recording of the drums.

1048509_10151458426446006_714797919_oOne by one, we started adding the bass, guitars and vocals to the tracks. With the bass and guitars done and 5 out of 12 tracks complete with vocals, we’re shoulder-deep into the completion of the album. Unfortunately, the vocal recording has been delayed for 2 weeks now with the weather conditions in Slovenia going ballistic, leaving nearly one quarter of homes without electricity. Bummer. Still, Luka is doing the best he can to complete the vocals by the end of February. With the way things are now, we are looking good for a Spring release, but we’ll know for sure once we’ve unplugged the last microphone from the mixer and let our friend and producer, Tine Janzek, do his magic.

Luka (2 of 1)While the recording progresses, we’ll keep you updated with video footage all the way from pre-production to the recording process. We can’t wait to hear the songs once they are finished.