Ladies and gentlemen…

…and so it begins. Our year-and-a-half story of bringing ‘Phoenix down‘ to life is ready to turn a new chapter. Countless hours of writing, arranging, recording, rewriting, rearranging and rerecording have been spent to complete what we set out to do when this band was started. After finally hearing the record from the first acoustic slide-guitar chugs of ‘Restraints‘ to the fading chord passages of ‘Today‘, we are sure the dedication, determination and love of all those involved in the process can be heard in every single lyric, guitar riff, bass thump and drum hit. With deepest thanks to all our loved ones, friends, family, our producer and everyone else who made this record possible, we are proud to announce that ‘Phoenix down‘ is now available for purchase.

In a matter of hours, the album will be available in digital format on for $9.99. Following that, the dirt will spread to iTunes, Amazon, and all your favorite distributers of digital music. You can still order a CD from us directly via this e-mail:!

We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the album hits the stores. Meanwhile, enjoy the new single off the album, ‘Looking back’.

Switch to the dirt. Keep music aLIVE!