It’s done!

We can’t blieve it, but D day is finally here. Our debut album, ‘Phoenix down’ is complete. The long wait is finally over as the final master tracks are now safely secured with us, scheduled to hit the factory tomorrow morning. All lights are green for the official release on September 7th. This is the final track listing:

1. Restraints
2. Too much
3. Sulfur
4. Another breath
5. Looking back
6. Comatose
7. Over & over
8. Innocence
9. My story
10. Overhang
11. Forever
12. Today

The record will be available as a digital download as well as a limited edition digipak, complete with a 14-page booklet, including special artwork and lyrics. You can pre-order the digipak now by dropping us an e-mail here:

Keep your eyes peeled for more as we will reveal the making of the record, tour dates, a new single and, most importantly, your chance to win a signed copy of the limited edition digipak!