First UK review of ‘Phoenix Down’

More news from DSW camp this week! In addition to featuring 4 of our tracks from ‘Phoenix Down‘ on Get Ready To Rock Radio, the boys from GRTR have posted a new review of our album on their website.

Read the full review below, don’t forget to tune in to GRTR and request more of Dirtswitch on!


Dirtswitch hail from Slovenia and are purveyors of fine, down tuned rock in the vein of Alterbridge and Black Stone Cherry. This is the bands first release and over the 12 track feature they show some good song writing skills and can certainly churn out a good riff or two. Another band that came to mind on several tracks, especially ‘ Restraints’ and ‘Too Much’ were Nickelback with vocalist Luka Lamut doing a good Chad Kroeger impression.

It is Alterbridge though that appear to have had the biggest influence on the band, and as with AB there is excellent playing and strong melodies throughout the album. My one complaint, and I always level the same at Alterbridge, is that they need to lighten up a bit, it’s all very serious stuff which becomes a bit tiresome after a while, a bit like watching Question Time on repeat.

As debut albums go though, this is a damn fine one that should open a few doors for the band in the coming year.

3.5/ 5
–David Wilson, Get Ready To Rock Radio

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