Dirtswitch ready for new album

It’s almost been two years since we’ve released our debut album ‘Phoenix Down’. Having the album out there has allowed us to experience the best in making music: we’ve torn down stages raging from the smallest rock club to the biggest open-air stages. We’ve played 2-hour shows in hot summer nights until every drop of sweat was drawn from our bodies and we’ve driven for hours through a blizzard to bring it to one of the coolest audiences out there. Music videos, live TV, live radio, mags and webzines, it’s all there. And most importantly, we’ve made some great friends along the way.


Throughout all this time, we’ve been busily preparing new stuff. Stuff that you may have already heard on our gigs and stuff that was better left on the drawing board. Now it’s time to put it all together into a new album. We’ve grown over time and as our influences have developed, so has the music that we’ve been creating.

Ready to hit the studio on June 20th and a whole new world in front of us, we can’t wait to see what’s on the other side. This is where it begins, and you are coming with us. So stay tuned for more info, pics, videos, demos & other stuff we reveal on the way! Like what you like, and share what you love. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, New Myspace, ReverbNation, Last.fm, join our newsletter and keep music aLIVE!

Welcome to the dirt.